The big question! When do I think your birthing time will start? Such a good question… without a solid answer.  No one will know when your birthing time will start until it starts to unfold, which will be at the perfect time.  It might be slow and it might be quick. When your body starts the process, we will trust it and move along with it.  During prenatal visits we will talk a lot about waiting, trusting and patience when it comes to when and how your birth will go.  

I’ll send reminders of the Miles Circuit, sitting on the toilet backward, hydrating & eating frequent carb-loaded protein-rich meals, and resting as much as possible to ensure you are storing up energy for when you will need it later.  If reserves are given away too early, we run out of the strength the uterus needs later when things have really picked up and then again when we need it during pushing.  The uterus is a muscle and we need it to continue to do it's job as best as it can.  I bring herbs to each birth and along with a breastpump that can help encourage more cramping, however early preparation is best by resting to store up strength. The best strategy when you do start experiencing cramps is a nap.  In the last few weeks of pregnancy, I'll say it over and over...make sure you eat, drink, balance movement & rest and distract yourself. 

I’ll encourage you to use nutritional liquids when food isn’t desired.  You’ll text me updates on how you are doing emotionally and physically, how often you are cramping, and how you are coping with the intensity.  If things start out during the evening, it’s best to rest as much as possible, storing up energy is key. Taking a warm bath will set the mood for rest and help your body store up the energy it needs for active times and pushing.  Even if you can't sleep, lying down with your eyes closed, can make a big difference on your body. Another thing to avoid at night is screentime. Screens can stimulate your mind and work against your body's ability to rest.   If it’s daytime and you think there’s a start with cramping or loss of fluids, distract your analytic reasoning from depleting your energy reserves. This will help your body open and naturally process this experience peacefully at the right time.

I’ll join you in person when you are in active labor. 

Pro tip! Make sure the front door is unlocked when you know I’m on my way.  I come in quiet and calm.  I’ll take your vitals and assess mamma and baby throughout the whole time. If position changes and more relaxation is needed, I can show you how to best use your home environment and body to rest & move smart.

It’s your home, you get to decide who is invited into your space.  If you want to be surrounded by family and friends, great! If not, great! You decide.  It’s your birth.

If a baby wants to be born on land, warm compresses can help reduce tearing. If a baby wants to be born in the water the warmth can help avoid tearing. When the perineum is evaluated after birth and if sutures are agreed upon, I use numbing medications to make it as comfortable as possible.  I often remind mammas to focus on their babies and keep that oxytocin going during repairs by taking nice deep breaths and focusing on their sweet baby.

Continuous skin-to-skin is a priority.  Skin-to-skin with mamma encourages breastfeeding and bonding all while the placenta is attached to the baby.  Dads usually cut the cord at the newborn exam which happens on your bed at least an hour after birth.  The newborn exam is a comprehensive assessment of the baby from head to toe. The baby is weighed and the fish scale photos are taken! 

Keeping the baby connected to the umbilical cord immediately after birth gives the baby all the blood that’s theirs and the transition to life on the outside is smother as they start to breathe oxygen on their own.

If resuscitation is required, all assistants are trained and certified in NRP Neonatal Resuscitation Program and BLS (Basic Life Support).

If necessary, IV fluids, IV antibiotics, and anti-hemorrhage medications are available.

Vitamin K injections and Erythromycin are also available.  For those families desiring oral Vitamin K, families provide that and administer it themselves.  Purchase Here

Midwife Angie's favorite optional home birth items are Available HERE.

"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb." -Psalm 139: 13

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Tommie VelaTommie Vela
00:59 14 Jul 24
Angie was great to me and my family when we needed to transfer care for a home birth. We had an amazing experience for it being our first out of hospital birth. She was understanding and helpful. She even made multiple trips to my home in the middle of the night when we thought baby was about to arrive. When I actually was in active labor she arrived sooner than her GPS ETA and she was supportive without interfering with my birthing environment.
Annabelle LemusAnnabelle Lemus
19:33 10 Apr 24
Two months ago I was honored to have Angie as my midwife to help me deliver my second baby in the comfort of my apartment home. Previously I had had a horrible experience with my first baby at a birthing center. I had doubts about doing a home birth again after experiencing so much pain and pressure from the first midwife. However, I took the chance when I met Angie. I knew she was different the day I spoke with her. I felt peace right away so we signed with her. From our first visit through the end of our postpartum visits, she remained the same - kind, positive, and so helpful in everything we needed. Most importantly, on the day of my labor, she showed up on time, she was supportive and allowed me to do it on my own. This let me know that she believed in me. She never asked me to push or to go into a certain position. She gave suggestions but never forced me into doing anything, and that’s the best thing any midwife can do because she knows that you are capable. We cannot wait to have her back again in the future!
Maria LichfieldMaria Lichfield
00:19 10 Apr 24
Angie, was by far just amazing from the very beginning. I had shoulder distocia with my 1st, internal hemorrhaging with my following 3 deliveries at hospitals with midwifes, which I chose to refuse pitocin and only took a natural medicine and bleeding stopped and recovery went extremely well. If you’re looking for midwife care because you want a more natural route, but prepared with traditional medicine guidance aswell, she is perfect. Going into my 5th labor and delivery on February 16th 2024, Angie always let me know she had pitocin and many other medical items, she was fully prepared in case of an emergency if needed, and we knew the transfer and all the procedures if needed to go to a hospital. When she showed up she had so much emergency equipment on her, and thankfully all I needed was a natural medicine to help my bleeding. My 5 kids loved her. Loved to look at the baby through her mobile ultrasound right from the comfort of our home. Every visit was great. She is very knowledgeable and flexible with any requests and needs. During my labor and delivery experience she was exactly what I needed. Constantly aware of my requests and gave such exceptional care. Thanks Angie, will definitely come to you for our next and final ❤️
Brenna HenningsBrenna Hennings
17:57 09 Apr 24
I had known I wanted to have a home birth long before we found out I was pregnant. I had a call with Angie early on to discuss all things midwifery and had an overwhelming sense of peace after the call- I knew she was the perfect person for prenatal care and to deliver our baby so I didn’t look anywhere else. We learned so much throughout this pregnancy about health & wellness and I appreciate that she took the time to explain in detail any questions we had. She was always quick and easy to communicate with whenever we needed her. I will 1000% recommended Angie to anyone who is considering a home birth. She is not only highly trained and quite the professional when it comes to pregnancy, labor & delivery but is also so personable. One of my favorite things about this experience is the fact that she went above and beyond hospital care. We developed such a trust and beautiful relationship which left me feeling so confident being in her care. Altogether, we had a phenomenal experience because of her! Our hope is to have Angie deliver any more babies we may be blessed with🤍
Grayson BurchGrayson Burch
02:21 04 Apr 24
As a first time father, Angie brought a spirit of peace over me the moment I met her. She has been incredibly calming, encouraging, and inspiring throughout the pregnancy and postpartum. Angie is our Angel. She has absolutely changed my growing family’s life and she will never know how much she means to us. We look forward to working with her again many more times in the future.
Cindy DurrCindy Durr
05:21 26 Mar 24
Angie birthed my 6th grandbaby. As a former labor nurse, I am particular about ob care, especially for my daughter. Angie is very knowledgeable, calm, and quick to act if needed. We had an amazing experience with her! She is so caring and gentle. She was very attentive at each of her home visits before and after the birth. She made sure to include my son in law and my granddaughters in the appointments and birth experience! Definitely recommend! Thanks Angie!
Melissa DanielsMelissa Daniels
15:09 18 Mar 24
My daughter in law had issues with her dr and Mrs. Heffner came at the last minute to take care of her. She has helped so much. Her hemoglobin is dangerously low. Angie recommended many supplements for us to get it up. She is on a prescription but it’s not helping. The baby is due on the 23rd. I’m so grateful for her willingness to offer her support in our time of need at the last minute.
Jacob BiedebachJacob Biedebach
20:30 17 Mar 24
Angie works tirelessly for her clients and provides exceptional care. She goes above and beyond to be available 24/7 and is calm and collected in emergency situations. Angie is an amazing midwife and great person to have on your team.
19:49 17 Mar 24
Most amazing birth ever. Angie is a really wonderful, caring person. She was meant to do this. She has a great energy and is always positive. I wanted a peaceful, calm birth and that’s exactly what I got. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Angie. She’s definitely one of the best midwives in all of DFW.

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