The big question! When do I think your birthing time will start? Such a good question… without a solid answer.  No one will know when your birthing time will start until it starts to unfold, which will be at the perfect time.  It might be slow and it might be quick. When your body starts the process, we will trust it and move along with it.  During prenatal visits we will talk a lot about waiting, trusting and patience when it comes to when and how your birth will go.  

I’ll send reminders of the Miles Circuit, sitting on the toilet backward, hydrating & eating frequent carb-loaded protein-rich meals, and resting as much as possible to ensure you are storing up energy for when you will need it later.  If reserves are given away too early, we run out of the strength the uterus needs later when things have really picked up and then again when we need it during pushing.  The uterus is a muscle and we need it to continue to do it's job as best as it can.  I bring herbs to each birth and along with a breastpump that can help encourage more cramping, however early preparation is best by resting to store up strength. The best strategy when you do start experiencing cramps is a nap.  In the last few weeks of pregnancy, I'll say it over and over...make sure you eat, drink, balance movement & rest and distract yourself. 

I’ll encourage you to use nutritional liquids when food isn’t desired.  You’ll text me updates on how you are doing emotionally and physically, how often you are cramping, and how you are coping with the intensity.  If things start out during the evening, it’s best to rest as much as possible, storing up energy is key. Taking a warm bath will set the mood for rest and help your body store up the energy it needs for active times and pushing.  Even if you can't sleep, lying down with your eyes closed, can make a big difference on your body. Another thing to avoid at night is screentime. Screens can stimulate your mind and work against your body's ability to rest.   If it’s daytime and you think there’s a start with cramping or loss of fluids, distract your analytic reasoning from depleting your energy reserves. This will help your body open and naturally process this experience peacefully at the right time.

I’ll join you in person when you are in active labor. 

Pro tip! Make sure the front door is unlocked when you know I’m on my way.  I come in quiet and calm.  I’ll take your vitals and assess mamma and baby throughout the whole time. If position changes and more relaxation is needed, I can show you how to best use your home environment and body to rest & move smart.

It’s your home, you get to decide who is invited into your space.  If you want to be surrounded by family and friends, great! If not, great! You decide.  It’s your birth.

If a baby wants to be born on land, warm compresses can help reduce tearing. If a baby wants to be born in the water the warmth can help avoid tearing. When the perineum is evaluated after birth and if sutures are agreed upon, I use numbing medications to make it as comfortable as possible.  I often remind mammas to focus on their babies and keep that oxytocin going during repairs by taking nice deep breaths and focusing on their sweet baby.

Continuous skin-to-skin is a priority.  Skin-to-skin with mamma encourages breastfeeding and bonding all while the placenta is attached to the baby.  Dads usually cut the cord at the newborn exam which happens on your bed at least an hour after birth.  The newborn exam is a comprehensive assessment of the baby from head to toe. The baby is weighed and the fish scale photos are taken! 

Keeping the baby connected to the umbilical cord immediately after birth gives the baby all the blood that’s theirs and the transition to life on the outside is smother as they start to breathe oxygen on their own.

If resuscitation is required, all assistants are trained and certified in NRP Neonatal Resuscitation Program and BLS (Basic Life Support).

If necessary, IV fluids, IV antibiotics, and anti-hemorrhage medications are available.

Vitamin K injections and Erythromycin are also available.  For those families desiring oral Vitamin K, families provide that and administer it themselves.  Purchase Here

"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb." -Psalm 139: 13

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Lissette CorcioLissette Corcio
18:29 23 Feb 24
I definitely recommend to hire Angie for midwifery care. She doesn't see you as just another patient. She's very much present at every appointment. She gives undivided attention and responds fairly quickly when you text her. She is very patient, caring, and knowledgeable. My kids were sad to see her go on our last appointment.
Amber SazmandAmber Sazmand
23:07 03 Feb 24
Angie has always gone above and beyond for my family and I. We are so grateful to know her and have her in our lives! She is kind, compassionate and knowledgeable! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us and our 2 babies!
Angie ReedAngie Reed
18:20 30 Jan 24
It was the lords divine plan to have Angie as our midwife for our first baby girl. She fit into our family and birth plan like a glove. We loved her calm and nurturing nature. She’s informative without instilling pressure, judgement or bias. I felt safe, heard, and care for from start to finish. I can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done for our family.
Dana BowenDana Bowen
16:09 24 Jan 24
I would highly recommend Angie to anyone searching for a midwife! When I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, my husband and I discussed doing a home birth. I was still not sure if I would forgo the hospital, but when I talked with Angie on the phone I felt confident that, with her by our side, a home birth was the right decision for us. She is the type of person who goes above and beyond to educate moms so they can make the best decisions possible for their babies. It is no small miracle getting children here, and with her care and encouragement she got me through my labor (the hardest thing I’ve ever done) and put my sweet newborn into my arms!
Misti EnnisMisti Ennis
18:23 22 Jan 24
Angie is so kind!! She will inform you and share knowledge, but she will not make the decision for you (which is good). She stayed by our side through almost a 2 day labor process. My husband was a doubter of doulas, but now understands and he worked really well with Angie! She allowed him to be as hands on as he wanted to be and never got in the way or overstepped. She had the best of both worlds being a doula and a midwife. We would absolutely hire her again if we choose to grow our family!
Mary ConantMary Conant
23:14 20 Jan 24
We are so thankful to have found Angie! She is made this pregnancy and birth so comfortable and go off without a hitch. She has a lot of great educational links/ information on anything you have questions for. She was such an encouragement throughout my pregnancy struggles, and made my other two toddler’s excited to see her at every visit. I felt so supported with any decision I made throughout the pregnancy and birth! She also encapsulated my placenta. I would highly recommend giving her a call! We will definitely be using her again Lord willing.
Chandler PolkChandler Polk
00:36 09 Nov 23
If you are looking for a midwife that will honor your desires, encourage your heart, provide you with proven wisdom and knowledge, go above and beyond in service, and respect you and your baby/family— look no further. Angie is every one of those things and more. It was an honor to have her as my midwife and I could not recommend her more!
Erin LiuErin Liu
02:52 08 Nov 23
Angie was present at both of my births, and it was the Lord who brought us together! Angie is a down-to-earth, kind, and hilarious midwife (she has a great sense of humor!) Her presence during my labor both on the phone and in person gave me confidence knowing that God made my body to give birth and I could do it. I was not initially planning a home birth but when labor came fast, and we realized baby would be born at home, I was so glad to have Angie there! She (obviously) knew exactly what to do and also helped keep myself and my husband calm with the change of plans. I know if we have babies in the future, I am going to call Angie to be my midwife! She is not only an amazing midwife, but she is a friend and sister in the Lord!
Glory SalgueroGlory Salguero
15:24 03 Nov 23
Had Angie as my doula for my home birth.She’s very knowledgeable and had a lot of experience. She was great about getting back to me with any questions, and she again she had soooo much helpful information. Angie’s specially great if you’re interested in holistic care

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